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Knitting Keeps Me From Killing People

Have you ever told someone who asks you why you knit that it "just makes me feel good" or "it makes my hands feel better"?

Well apparently there are 6 really good reasons why knitting is good for you.

1. It gives you a sense of pride (just use those yarn handling skills to untangle a fishing line. Yep, no knot is safe from an experienced knitter).

2. It has similar benefits to meditation (and if you come by on Souper Wednesdays, Wendy will feed you!).

3. It alleviates simptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression (unless you drop a stitch in the middle of knitting brioche or a cable. Just kidding. Well, maybe not kidding).

Unfortunately "keeping me from killing people" which is always my pat answer didn't make the list *wink wink*

~WW <3

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