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PINKtober <3

The fall is one of my favorite times to knit. Five years living in Southern humidity has taught me to get excited about "knitting weather" the way a young child embraces a two-week countdown to their birthday!

This October I am knitting and weaving in PINK for one reason. I'm grateful my sister faced, fought and survived breast cancer. She is brave and inspiring, and I'm elated to still have her in my life.

In July I finished a woven scarf for her with help from my daughters. She loved it! I've now caught the 'think pink bug,' and have cast on a pair of pink socks to send her later this month.

There are several other projects I want to cast on for friends and family (shocker!), so I'm excited that Unwind is having a PINKtober sale!

All pink yarn in stock is 15% off the entire month of October. So if you find inspiration on Unwind's PINKtober Pinterest board, you can come in and load up on all the pink yarn you need, while it lasts.!

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