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Knitter's Paradox

Well you know its that kind of day... the perfect day to sit inside and knit or crochet right?

I am trying to finish up UFO's, but it's not working because I keep seeing other things that I want to knit also known as a "knitters paradox". So I figured I would show you one of those goodies that I find myself wanting to start......

This beautiful item is Sunita's Double Knit New Yorker with Woven Windows... and.... it's a free pattern! This is the PERFECT project for all those beautiful gradients yarns Wendy has stocked in the shop.

So how does this pattern work color wise? Well, you start one gradient ball from the outside and the other from the inside. Gradient yarns are usually wound light to dark with the light in the center. So when you start a ball from the outside (dark) and the other from the inside (light) you get a wonderful contrasting pattern.

This kind of pattern can also be done with any long colorway yarns as well that aren't necessarily a gradient. The sample in these pictures was done with two different colorways of Noro Silk Garden Light. But no matter what yarn you choose it will be a knockout as long as the colorways are far enough apart in tone and color.

It's been scorching hot. So you may not have come into the shop recently. Please stop by and see what we've got in store for your knitted needs. The store, thanks to Wendy, is organized and brimming with something for everyone!

Happy rainy day knitting,


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